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The South Lawn


As you pass through the oak door by the house you can see across the croquet lawn to wrought iron gates, decorated with a Clematis motif, which were installed to celebrate the new millennium in 2001.

To the left is a long raised border, divided by steps up to the belfry and seat.  The planting is designed to look good from the main windows of the house all the year round, with evergreen, silver, grey and variegated shrubs pruned in mounds and hummocks, so that there is shape as well as texture and colour giving form and pattern with minimum maintenance.  Some extra colour comes in spring with groups of tall tulips, followed by alliums, delphiniums and lilies in their turn.  It is a most successful border, which looks particularly good in the evening  light.

The terrace in the corner is covered with vines, providing dappled shade at midday.  A short line of laburnums trained over arches leads to a stone seat.  From there one can look back across the lawn to the ancient box hedge, which has taken years to trim into shape.  A raised gravel bed that provides the conditions necessary to grow plants requiring sharp drainage, fronts the hedge.  This border is mainly planted with silver plants that stand out well against the dark green of the box hedge.